Abai Soondae / ޸z
Hand made Korean pork sausage
Agu Jjim / \]
Braised monk fish with vegetables in hot sauce
Jeyuk Bossam / ޥյަ
Pork w/ cabbage & spicy sauce
Nakjibokeum / K
Spicy Octopus & Vegetables w/ Noodle
KimChi Jeyukbokeum / w檣ަ
Sauteed Kim chi and pork w/ bean curd
Galbee Jjim / Tذ
Short ribs simmered in sweet soy sauce
Yuk Hwea / Jեͤ
Minced raw beef
Jab Che / ꪣ
Sweet Potato noodle mixed with Pork & Vegetable
Eun Dae Ku Jo Rim / oȳ
Simmered black cod and daikan radish in flavorful hot and spicy sauce
Samgye Tang / RHx
Ginseng chicken soup
Modeum Jun / AγJ]
Combination of panfried seafood, beef & vegetable
Hae Mul Pa Jeon / Aν
Pancake with green onion and assorted seafood
Kim Chi Jun / wλ
Pancake w/ Kim Chi and pork
Sengsun Jun / J]
Panfried fish fillet in egg batter
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