Nakgob Jungol / zΤK
Ox intestine & octopus w/ vegetable in hot pot
Haemool Jungol / A
Hot pot with seafood
KimChi Jungol / w
Spicy Kim chi & pork spare rib hot pot
Haemool Mawoon Tang / AA
Spicy seafood pot soup
Haemool Jiree / AA
Seafood pot soup
Eundaeku Mawoon Tang / ȳ
Black codfish casserole in a hot and spicy broth
Eundaeku Jiree / ȳ
Black cod fish with vegetable soup
Galbee Tang / ذ
Rich prime short rib soup
Uguji Galbee Tang /
Prime short ribs and cabbage in hearty bean paste soup
Yookejang / ׯ
Hot & spicy beef broth with shredded beef and vegetables
Doenjang JJiGe / ѳa
Bean paste broth w/ sliced pork, bean curd, squash, and onion
Kim chi Jjige / w
Broth w/ Kim chi and slice pork
Soondofu Jjige / ¨G
Uncurled bean-curd soup
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